EuroEcho-Imaging 2016

We presented 3 abstracts at the EuroEcho-Imaging meeting in Leipzig, Germany December 2016. The abstracts were:

“Early diastolic mitral flow velocity/ annular velocity is a sensitive marker of elevated filling pressure in left ventricular dyssynchrony” Authors: J. Aalen, OS. Andersen, E. Gude, A. Andreassen, OO. Aalen, CK. Larsen, EW. Remme, OA. Smiseth

“Improved estimate of left ventricular filling pressure by left atrial and left ventricular strain imaging.” Authors: Andersen OS, Remme EW, Broch K, Andreassen AK, Skulstad H, Gude E, Smiseth OA

“Strain imaging improves estimation of left ventricular filling pressure when combined with peak mitral inflow and annular velocities”. Authors: Andersen OS, Gude E, Broch K, Andreassen AK, Skulstad H, Smiseth OA, Remme EW

At this conference Otto A. Smiseth was awarded an «honorary membership» in the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging due to «your fantastic input in the field of echocardiography for several years and your continuous contribution as one of the main researchers in the history of Echocardiography» (as quoted by the award committee).

AHA Congress 2016 in New Orleans

 We presented three abstracts at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2016. The abstracts are listed below:

1. " Increased Heart Rate Aggravates Diastolic Dysfunction in Left Bundle Branch Block, Authors:  " Authors: OS. Andersen,  MR. Krogh, E. Boe, P. Storsten, J Aalen CK. Larsen, H. Skulstad, HH Odland, OA Smiseth, EW. Remme

2. "Regional Myocardial Work by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Noninvasive Left Ventricular Pressure: A Feasibility Study in Left Bundle Branch Block" Authors: CK Larsen, J Aalen, C Stokke, JG Fjeld, E Kongsgaard, OA Smiseth, E Hopp  " Authors:

3. " Impaired Subendocardial Contractility and Longitudinal Shortening with Aging, Reduce Midwall Fiber Stress, Increasing Circumferential Shortening and Preserving Ejection Fraction " Authors: Espen W. Remme, Otto A. Smiseth

 (photo from escardio.org)

 (photo from escardio.org)

ESC Congress 2016 in Rome

We are presenting six abstracts during the ESC Congress 2016. Five of them are traditional posters, in addition Dr. Senstad Andersen will be presenting his work on atrial strain during an oral session. The abstracts are listed below:

1. "Cardiac resynchronisation therapy improves systolic function during left bund branch block by an upward shift of the end-systolic pressure-volume relation" Authors: E. Boe, EW. Remme, P. Storsten, M. Eriksen, O. Andersen, J. Aalen, E. Kongsgaard, OA. Smiseth, H. Skulstad

2."Combining peak mitral inflow and annular velocities with left atrial strain improves estimation of left ventricular filling pressure" Authors: O S. Andersen, E. Gude, H. Skulstad K. Broch, AK. Andreassen, OA. Smiseth, EW. Remme

3. "Peak left atrial strain is determined by left ventricular systolic function and filling pressure"

Authors: O S. Andersen, E. Gude, H. Skulstad, K. Broch, AK. Andreassen, OA. Smiseth, EW. Remme

4. "Load sensitivity in left bundle branch block: septal contribution to left ventricular stroke work is abolished with elevated afterload" Authors:  J. Aalen, P. Storsten, EW. Remme, O. Gjesdal, E. Boe, H. Skulstad, OA. Smiseth

5. "Septal beaking in left bundle branch block induces right ventricular dysfunction"

Authors: P. Storsten, E. Boe, EW. Remme, M. Eriksen, E. Kongsgaard, O. Gjesdal, J. Aalen, OS. Andersen, OA. Smiseth, H. Skulstad

6. "Septal motion in left bundle branch block: more wobbling with high afterload"

Authors: P. Storsten, J. Aalen, EW. Remme, O. Gjesdal, E. Boe, OA. Smiseth, H. Skulstad

New article: Factors determining the magnitude of the pre-ejection leftward septal motion in left bundle branch block

This study, that is published in Europace, investigates how various factors affect the magnitude of the abnormal early systolic leftward septal motion in left bundle branch block such as ventricular pressures, contractility, infarction, activation delay, right ventricular volume overload, and mitral valve closure. Understanding of these factors are important if this characteristic abnormal motion is to be used in diagnosis of left bundle branch block and prediction of response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.

The study has been done in collaboration with King`s College London, UK.

Authors and full title: Remme EW, Niederer S, Gjesdal O, Russell K, Hyde ER, Smith N, Smiseth OA. Factors determining the magnitude of the pre-ejection leftward septal motion in left bundle branch block. Europace. 2015 Nov 26. pii: euv381. [Epub ahead of print]

Read more here

EuroEcho-Imaging 2015

We attended the congress in Seville in Spain from 2-5 December.  The congress covers all modalities in cardiovascular imaging and provides current updates in clinical diagnosis, education and research (visit escardio.org for more information).

Prof. dr. Med. Otto A. Smiseth was chairperson in the session "How to use myocardial strain imaging?" that covered CRT, aortic stenosis, ischemia and viability assessment.

Prof.dr Med. Thor Edvardsen and Associate Professor Kristina H. Haugaa from Center for Cardiological Innovation had extensive scientific contributions during the congress, in addtion to the PhD-students. Please visit www.heart-sfi.no for more information.

John Aalen, Camilla K. Larsen, Otto A. Smiseth, Petter Storsten
Otto A. Smiseth (Chairperson)
Sebastian I. Sarvari
Thor Edvardsen
Trine S. Fink Håland
Øyvind H. Lie and Lars A. Dejgaard
Patrizio Lancellotti (past President EACVI), Ida S. Leren
Kristina H. Haugaa
Nina E. Hasselberg

Scientific Sessions 2015, American Heart Association

Øyvind S. Andersen presented his abstract "Increasing Heart Rate in Left Bundle Branch Block Results in Incomplete Relaxation and Increases Left Ventricular Diastolic Stiffness" Authors are

Øyvind S Andersen, Espen Boe, Helge Skulstad, Petter Storsten, Hans H Odland, Otto A Smiseth, Espen W Remme

Left bundle branch block slows LV pressure decay and shortens diastole. At low heart rates this may not compromise filling as diastolic duration is sufficient for complete relaxation.

He investigated if further abbreviation of diastole at increased HR could cause incomplete relaxation, particularly in the late activated LV lateral wall which presumably also have a delay in relaxation. Incomplete relaxation will increase diastolic LV stiffness and may cause increased filling pressure.

For more information about his presentation, click here

Øyvind S. Andersen and Espen W. Remme
Øyvind S. Andersen

A new article by Espen Boe

The latest research from Espen Boe demonstrates how patients with NSTEMI

with coronary artery occlusion can be identified by analyzing segmental work

by using cardiac ultrasound. It has been accepted for publication in European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging. 

Authors and full title:

Boe E, Russell K, Eek C, Eriksen M, Remme EW, Smiseth OA, Skulstad H. Coronary Artery Occlusion in N-STEMI Patients Can Be Identified by Assessing Segmental Work which Incorporates the Effects of Afterload on Strain Measurements. Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging 2015 April 6.

Read more in PubMed

His previous article was "Cardiac responses to left ventricular pacing in hearts with normal electrical conduction: beneficial effect of improved filling is counteracted by dyssynchrony". This paper indicates why cardiac resynchronization therapy may have negative effects in patients with narrow QRS.

ESC Congress 2015

The abstract "Left bundle branch block and resynchronisation therapy have major effects on right ventricular work load" was accepted for poster presentation at ESC 2015 in London (29/8- 2/9). Authors are Storsten P, Boe E, Remme EW, Eriksen M, Kongsgård E, Gjesdal O, Smiseth OA, Skulstad H.

The results from this abstract show that the right side of the heart (right ventricle) is mechanically affected by both left bundle branch block and resynchronization therapy (CRT/ biventricular pacemaker).

In previously presented abstracts we have indicated that right ventricular contraction is improved by CRT. Septal motion is likely to be an important contributor to this improvement.

Travel grant from Prof. Hall's fund

Petter Storsten received a travel grant for 2015 to be used for

presentations at international congresses. This was also

received in 2014, and Petter Storsten presented his research

at ESC, AHA and Euroecho.

The fund of Prof Karl Victor Hall is donated to

heart research at Rikshospitalet, Oslo and its aim

is to strengthen research that may lead to improved patient care.